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This is our price list for national clients. Please read the detailed information below and then get in touch via the contact form.


International Customers

Please email your exact requirements mentioning number and size of plants required and your country to You will then receive a proforma invoice for pre payment.

The plants are shipped via Air Freight for orders larger than 1 box and by International Courier/DHL if requested for small orders. Phytosanitary Certificate (AUD $265) and Shipping costs will be passed on to the customer for orders under 10,000 plants.

Steps To Take Before Placing An Order

  1. Enquire with your countries Agricultural Department as to whether you require an Import Permit
  2. If you need an Import Permit
    • Apply for this as early as possible as some countries can take weeks for the permit to be issued.
    • b. If your Import Permit is in a language other than English you will also need to provide us with a certified translation of the Import Permit into English.
    • If our Department of Agriculture does not already have a record of your specific plants being imported into your country it will take an additional 7 – 10 business days for the paperwork to be processed. This only applies to the first time the plant is imported, any subsequent shipments will not be affected by this wait time.
  3. You will need to provide us with your full address and the details of your shipping agent who will act on your behalf in receiving the shipment at your airport.

For small orders of  1,000  - 2,000  seedlings we can ship via DHL couriers and the plants will be delivered to you door.

For orders larger than one box it is available to use air freight. Plants will be delivered to your International airport and you will be responsible for any customs cost in your country. We will require the details of your clearance agent.

A phytosanitary certificate will be supplied and we will require a copy of your import permit in order to obtain this.

When you accept our quotation we will email a Pro-Forma Invoice to enable you to pre pay.


Australian Customers

Please email your requirements to and we will get back to you with a quote. Shipping will be by Australia Post for small orders or by transport companies for large plants. All shipping costs are at the customers’ expense.

Ordering is as above however there will be an additional charge of $162.50 to cover the cost of the DPI Plant Health Certificate required by your respective state governments.

Once all the above listed processes have taken place a date for your shipment will be arranged. It will take 1 week for the plants to be harvested, processed and inspected before the shipment can be sent. Please keep this in mind when deciding on a delivery time. Our payment terms are full payment in advance.

You will be kept advised of the progress of your order via email. Documents will be forwarded to you and your agent as they become available to us.

Please be aware that the AWB and phyto are not complete until the day of the flight so cannot be provided earlier.



- Department of Agriculture

NSW Department of Primary Industry

Australian and International Organic Certifier

South Coast Farm Gate Trail

Dapto Community Farm

Nursery and Garden Industry of NSW & ACT

- National Body for NGINA

- Doorstep Organics

- Ooooby